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About iCommunity

iCommunity Labs is a BaaS (blockchain as a service) platform that works as a SaaS model, so that all types of companies can apply blockchain technology to their projects in a simple, fast and very economical way through a monthly subscription. Allowing companies to build high-value applications to improve the transparency, quality and efficiency of their services.

iCommunity is low-code and technology agnostic, providing interoperability between blockchains (Multichain), and different “API-Products” and use cases to facilitate its adoption by companies, without the need to code in blockchain.

iCommunity Labs, has been selected in the main competitive processes of technological acceleration at a global and national level: Telefónica–Wayra Open Future, Lanzadera, Challenge Tel Aviv 2020, Challenge San Francisco 2020, The venture City. It has also won the two most prestigious and competitive R&D funding programs for technology-based companies: NEOTEC Y Proyecto Cervera 2020 – top 20 companies with a score of 83.5 out of 100. In addition, it has won the most relevant technological challenges of large companies 2020: The Hop Estrella Galicia, Reto Imsomni- AENOR, Cel Logística Awards 2020, AEEN / METXA Entrepreneurship Awards, Red Net Mentor 2020…etc. In addition, iCommunty has been awarded as the best Spanish blockchain startup at the South Europe Startup Awards 2019. Its founders have been winners of the AllStartup of the Demium Startup incubator, a leading event to recruit entrepreneurial talent

iCommunity Labs is listed in the official registry of the Spanish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation as an Electronic Trust Service Provider (ETSP). iCommunity Labs technology has been audited and verified by official auditors of the CDTI (Center for Industrial Technological Development) of the Spanish government.

About the ICOM token

The ICOM token is iCommunity Labs’ platform utility token, to be used to access platform and ecosystem services:

  • Hiring services at our platfom.
  • Rewards (loyalty points, offers, etc.),
  • Vote on governance decisions (such as product improvements, use case creation…).

You will be able to use them when the lock on your tokens expires. This is a brief summary of the sale phases until the release of the tokens. The complete information can be consulted in the “ICOM Token Operation” section of our web and whitepaper.

  1. PRESALE: Sep-2021. The blocking of these tokens is 5 months from TGE. CLOSED: ALL SOLD OUT!!
  2. SALE: April 2022. Itis distributed in two PHASES:

– Phase 1: April 11-25 in our online store. 3-month block from TGE.
– Phase 2: April 25 – in Probit Global. Two rounds: round 1 (price $0.30) and round 2 (price $0.36). Vesting: 20% in TGE and rest 60 days from TGE.

Once the corresponding locking periods that your tokens have is finished

In Probit Global and the TGE will be at the end of the two rounds, in mid-May.

The ICOM token is an ERC-20 token. Therefore, any wallet compatible with ERC20 tokens where you own your private key would be valid. We recommend that you use Metamask. Exchange addresses are NOT ALLOWED. iCommunity Labs is not responsible for the loss of funds in the event of a delivery error.

Follow this tutorial to open a Metamask wallet if you don’t have:

About the SALE

Yes. We need to identify users through a simple identification system – KYC, (Know Your Customer), where we will ask you for a photograph of your ID, and a selfie to compare the information. The estimated registration time is 1 minute and in less than 15 days we will verify your account to be able to operate.

The public sale has been divided into 2 phases:

Phase 1: April 11th in the online store.
Phase 2: inProbit Global. Round 1 on April 25th. Round 2: May 6th

The public sale has been divided into 2 phases:

Phase 1: €0.20 with a 3-month locking period from TGE.
Phase 2: – Round 1: $0.30.- Round 2: $0.36

Presale: 5-month locking period from TGE.

Public sale:

– Phase 1:locking period of 3 months from TGE.
– Phase 2: 20% in TGE and 80% after 60 days of TGE.

About the rewards program

The referral program allows you to earn a bonus for each invited friend who signs up and makes a first purchase of €100 worth of ICOM tokens using your personal cupon.

Important details:

  • Your friends must make the purchase with a new account, not have any previous ones.
  • Your friends must complete a purchase of €100 or more, for both of you to receive a 25 ICOM (minimum €5) reward.
  • Please note that the purchase must be made within 180 days of the account opening date. The tokens will be credited to your accounts within 7-15 business days.

Here are some possible reasons why you may be excluded for the referral bonus:

  • We do not pay referral bonuses on duplicate or fake accounts. Duplicate or shared accounts will be grounds for disqualification.
  • Referral coupons can ONLY be used on the first purchase.
  • If a guest does not qualify for the bonus within 180 days of opening their account, neither party will receive a bonus.
  • If the guest makes the purchase butforgets the coupon and does not put it in the appropriate place, the cupon cannot be credited.
  • The bonus and rewards program is limited.

More details:

  • You can share your referral coupon via email, text or any of your favorite messaging apps like Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter.
  • There is no limit to the number of friends you can refer, however you are only rewarded for each friend’s first purchase.

The airdrop & bounty program consists of several promotional actions on social networks, plus the verified registration in the sale. In turn, the rewards will only be delivered to users who perform the actions correctly as detailed on the information page. Bonuses will not be awarded for shares in duplicate or false accounts, which incite deception or fraud in the campaign. iCommunity Labs reserves the right to modify and/or cancel the campaign if it deems it appropriate.

Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee payment for all accounts you refer due to the limitations mentioned above and the risk of fraud, but we will make a good faith effort to do so whenever possible. In addition, iCommunity Labs reserves the right to change the terms of the referral, airdrop and bonus program at any time if reserved token limits are reached, risk of fraud or other reasons.

For referral, airdrop/bounty and pre-sale bonus campaigns, 1/3 (5 Million tokens) of 15% has been reserved for marketing.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Procedimento de compra

Para comprar hay que estar registrado en nuestra web. El proceso de registro es muy sencillo y seguro:
1. Rellenar el formulario de registro.

2. Verificar tu identidad en la pestaña “perfil” de tu cuenta. ¡Además te regalamos 50 ICOM por verificar tu identidad!
La verificación la cuenta puede tardar hasta 48 horas.

3. Una vez confirmada la verificación la cuenta y cuando esté habilitada la venta de ICOMs, en la pestaña wallet pinchar al botón naranja “comprar”.

4. En la tienda los ICOM están divididos en paquetes cerrados. Puedes elegir los paquetes quieras y combinarlos para llegar al importe total que deseas adquirir. Hay dos formas de seguir desde aquí:

  1. Pinchar en el nombre del producto o en “detalles” (que se hace visible al pasar el ratón por encima del paquete que deseas comprar) que te lleva a la página específica del paquete seleccionado.
  2. Pinchar directamente en “Añadir al carrito” que se hace visible al pasar el ratón por encima del paquete que deseas comprar. Esta acción de añadirá el paquete al carrito.

4.1. En esta página puedes ver detalles del paquete y al pinchar el botón de “Añadir al carrito” irás a la página de tu carrito.

5. Una vez en el carrito puedes pinchar “Seguir comprando” para volver a la tienda y elegir otros paquetes o revisar tu pedido y eliminar paquetes.

6. Si tienes un cupón personal de algún amigo ahora es la hora de aplicarlo. En el cuadro azul escribes el código del cupón y pincha el botón “Aplicar cupón”. Si es un cupón válido se va actualizar el carrito para enseñar el bonus correspondiente. Recuerda que solo se puede utilizar el cupón de otra persona, uno por compra y el bonus solo se otorga una vez, para la primera compra que hagas.
7. Cuando estés listo para pagar pincha el botón “Finalizar la compra” que te llevará a la página de pago

8. En la página de finalizar compra termina de rellenar tus datos de facturación, revisa una última vez tu pedido y elige tu método de pago. Actualmente tenemos tres métodos de pago disponibles:

  1. Transferencia bancaria directa: Al elegir este método debes realizar la transferencia del valor total a nuestra cuenta bancaria utilizando tu nombre y apellido y el código del pedido como referencia. El código del pedido es la primera información que aparece una vez que pinchas al botón de “Realizar pedido”
  2. Bitcoin y cryptomonedas: Al elegir este método, serás redireccionado a la página de coinbase donde podrás elegir con cual criptomoneda deseas pagar y tendrás una hora para realizar la transferencia al wallet indicado. Recuerda elegir la red más segura para el depósitos, NO la más barata, para evitar perdidas con los envíos. Para Ethereum, USDC y DAI envía SOLO por la red “Ethereum ERC-20”. No uses ninguna otra (BSC, MATIC o similar) para envíos o PERDERAS TUS FONDOS. Para Bitcoin y Litecoin, elige siempre su red nativa correspondiente
  3. Tarjeta de crédito: Al elegir este método deberás introducir los datos de tu tarjeta Visa, Mastercard o American Express y seguir las instrucciones indicadas en pantalla.

9. Una vez realizado el pedido te enviaremos un email para informar que lo hemos recibido. Cuando hayamos confirmado el pago acreditaremos los ICOM a tu cuenta en hasta 72hs.

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