Legal bases fot the ICOM tokens airdrop

1 Distribution of Tokens:

1.1 The distribution of ICOM tokens will take place throughout the year 2024. The specific dates of the distribution will be communicated 2 weeks in advance. To claim the tokens, they will communicate through the official iCommunity social networks and by email to registered participants.

2 Participation:

2.1 Participation in the airdrop implies full and unreserved acceptance of all the conditions established in these legal bases.

2.2 Participants must follow the instructions provided by iCommunity to participate in the airdrop, which will be detailed in official communications and on the rewards page.

3 Nature of the ICOM Token:

3.1 It is expressly established that the ICOM utility token does NOT constitute a financial or investment asset.

3.2 The purpose of the ICOM token is to be used in the products and services offered by iCommunity, aimed at optimizing and improving internal processes of the platform.

3.3 iCommunity does not guarantee financial gains to holders of ICOM tokens.

4 Geographic Restrictions:

4.1 Participation in the airdrop is open to people from anywhere in the world, as long as they comply with applicable legal restrictions and local regulations.

4.2 iCommunity reserves the right to restrict participation in the airdrop in jurisdictions where the distribution or use of tokens may violate local laws.

5 Airdrop Mechanics:

5.1 Participants must follow the instructions provided by iCommunity to claim their tokens during the designated dates. These instructions will be communicated through official communication channels when the time comes.

5.2 iCommunity reserves the right to modify the airdrop mechanics at any time, upon prior notification to participants through official communication channels.

6 Responsibility:

6.1 Participants assume full responsibility for the security of their accounts and data provided during the airdrop participation process.

6.2 iCommunity will not be liable for any loss, damage or inconvenience arising from participation in the airdrop, except in cases of gross negligence.

7 Use of Personal Data:

7.1 Participants authorize iCommunity to use the personal data provided for the sole purpose of administering the airdrop.

7.2 iCommunity is committed to handling personal data in accordance with applicable privacy laws.

8 General Provisions:

8.1 These legal bases are governed by applicable laws, and any dispute will be subject to competent jurisdiction.

8.2 Participation in the airdrop does not grant any additional rights beyond those expressly established in these rules.

By participating in the airdrop, users accept and undertake to comply with all the provisions established in these legal bases. iCommunity reserves the right to interpret and modify these legal bases as necessary. The ICOM utility token is NOT a financial or investment asset.